Bimble Shoes Classic Moccasins

Bimble Shoes describe their early-walkers shoes as being ‘designed to allow little feet to develop in the way that nature intended’. Made from super soft leather, the shoes are ‘ideal for wearing inside and out. The leather gradually toughens with use and provides more than enough protection for little feet on the move.’

They are also produced locally and available in a range of funky colours.

We sent a pair over to local mum Briony to see how her 18-month old daughter, Lillian, liked them.

‘Lillian already has a keen interest in shoes, so, with me having done lots of research I was very keen to keep her in soft soles for as long as possible to allow her feet to develop naturally. When we first looked at the Bimble shoes on I was a little sceptical as they are made of soft leather and didn’t appear to have any grip, not ideal when our downstairs is a mixture of wood carpet and vinyl. I need not have worried, my accident prone toddler has yet to slip in them!! What’s more, the softness of the leather means they have shaped really well around her foot and the long laces, while a little bit fiddly, can be double knotted which is great for keeping them on an inquisitive toddler. I also like the fact that the colour range is not gender specific, quite a rarity it would seem.’

If you would like to buy a pair of Bimble shoes, just go to, enter the code BATHPARENT15 and you will receive 15% off any products in store.

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