Bath and North East Somerset Council have issued the following statement regarding the Bath Community Academy

Following the announcement by the Regional Schools Commissioner that she has agreed in principle to the closure of Bath Community Academy (BCA), subject to seeking views of those affected by the closure, Bath & North East Somerset Council will be working closely with the Regional Schools Commissioner and Cabot Learning Federation during that listening period to ensure the Council hears and understands any issues and concerns being raised.

The Council will be working closely with Cabot Learning Federation, BCA and all of the other schools in the area to ensure that if the final decision results in closure, the impact is carefully managed and that children’s education is not adversely affected.

The proposal to close the school was made by Cabot in July this year.

The school, which currently has 241 pupils, is expected to close at the end of the summer term of 2018.

Councillor Michael Evans (Conservative, Midsomer Norton, North) Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said, “It is always sad to hear that a school or educational establishment is likely to close. The Council is committed to ensuring that, should the Regional Schools Commissioner confirm the closure, it will not adversely affect the education of the young people currently attending the school.

“If the closure is to take place as proposed in the summer of 2018, we will have time to ensure we make the transition period for all those affected as smooth as possible. We will be working with Cabot Learning Foundation, Bath Community Academy and other schools in the area to plan the transition and to find places for all the pupils. We will also be working closely with the families affected to provide, where eligible, home school transport depending on the distance needed to travel from home to school.

“Bath & North East Somerset has many good secondary schools and we will be working closely with the families to provide the best possible solution.”