BOGS Footwear boots
£43 – £85

Wellies were invented for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to allow the wearer to jump in puddles without getting wet feet. Yes, there are other uses but really they’re just added benefits – it’s the puddle jumping that counts.

So when my children, Eve (10), Dan (9) and Joe (6) received their new boots from BOGS Footwear, there was only one way to test them out. As it happens, thanks to some recent downpours, a day-out at Bowood House and Gardens in Calne included a few hearty puddles determined to fight off the effects of the warming sun, giving the children a perfect test ground.

The results were excellent – smiling children, warm and dry feet, and boots that were comfy enough to stay on for clambering on the excellent play equipment on offer and walks around the grounds. Best of all, at the end of the day, no sign of sore feet or blisters – result!

BOGS Footwear offer an impressive range of boots for children and grown-ups, with Joe choosing a navy pair from the Classic range (£48), Dan going for dark green Durhams (£43) and Eve the matt black Sidneys (£85) (actually from the Women’s range, but perfectly fitting Eve’s size 39 feet).

The children all loved their boots, finding them warm and comfortable, and Eve in particular enjoying the look of her very funky, grown-up, lace-up designs. Each of the their choices are fully insulated meaning that they didn’t need to worry about super-thick socks to keep their toes warm. There are also plenty of designs to choose from, from the colourful and patterned ones to more conservative colours.

In fact, our children were so happy with their boots that the main outcome was that mum and dad have ordered pairs as well. Well, with the winter on the way, there’s no way the children are going to have all of the puddle-jumping fun to themselves.