Paul Yates test drives the Unirider

There has been a great deal of thought put into the design of the Unirider, and this is clear from the moment you open the box.

Our first play was for my eldest daughter’s Brownie Christmas carol concert. We didn’t have long to get there and it was only a short walk so we didn’t want to drive, however, we knew the slight up hill walk home for my youngest daughter Millie (just turned four years) would not be to her liking.

Having only received the Unirider the day before, I wondered how long it would take to put together. Well it was no more than five minutes – a couple of wing nuts / handle screws later and I was pumping up the tyre and we were off!

Big sisters Poppy and Bea were a little jealous of Millie’s funky looking mode of transport and Millie was sporting her best ‘smug face’.

It took me until the end of our road, 100yds or so, to get the feel for the balance of the Unirider but after then the ease of use surprised me. Millie was comfortable with her weight balanced perfectly over the 12in wheel, at one stage I was only using one hand and felt very safe doing so. My wife Elizabeth tried it on the school run the next day and said it was very easy to use and caused a bit of interest at the school gates.

The Unirider is a perfect replacement for buggies on trail or country walks, the wheel size means even the chunkiest of tree roots or uneven ground is dealt with easily. I have even been able to use it on a quick run which Millie loved, giggling all the way and shouting “Faster Daddy”, which had a surprising effect on my usual sedate running pace.

If I was being super picky, a bike-style quick release for the join in the pole would be a welcome addition for chucking in the back of the car. Otherwise, as a fun, sensibly priced alternative to a buggy, or your shoulders, the Unirider is perfect. A fantastic bit of kit, Millie very much approves.

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