Bundle bed

Ellen Couzens reviews the Bundle Bed roll-out bed for children

My son Joe aged six has been thrilled with his Bundle Bed since we got it a few months ago, with it becoming a really useful bit of kit for sleepovers. We’re also looking forward to it for those upcoming family camping trips.

The Bundle Bed is a roll up, all-in-one bed featuring a self-inflating mattress, duvet & pillow and soft jersey cotton sheets, all of which are machine washable.

The first thing that struck me about it was the all-round high quality of the product, from the water resistant cover which is fitted with very durable metal handle fixings, to the incredibly soft and snugly duvet and pillow (much more enticing than my own!). Most importantly, Joe definitely agrees – he is particularly chuffed about the duvet as he is a bit of a sleeping bag hater.

You can also see that the amount of thought that has been put into the design. For example, the duvet is buttoned on at the bottom so that it stays in place without that awful constricted feel that can come with a sleeping bag, although for those children who like the close fitting feel of a sleeping bag, you can keep the sides of the case zipped up. The pillow, meanwhile, is also buttoned into place at the top so that it doesn’t get pushed away in the night.

The self-inflating mattress does what it says on the tin, although typical of all self-inflating mattresses, it becomes just that extra bit more comfy if you give it a few extra puffs.

Joe really likes the soft jersey sheet that is integrated into the bed so that it doesn’t wriggle around or come off in the night, while I definitely appreciate the fact that all the covers can be taken off and washed. We have the small Bundle Bed and I would say it will comfortably fit children up to about aged 7-8.

All in all I can’t fault the Bundle Bed – I think it’s a great design and good quality, plus it packs up easily and neatly, and offers similar comfort to sleeping in a normal bed.