Erogbaby Adapt Carrier

Mum of two Briony Hinson reviews the Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Before my first child arrived I carried some research into baby carriders and decided on my rather limited budget to see if I could find a second hand Ergo. I was fortunate enough that a friend no longer needed hers so I bought the infant insert and was all set to go. The thing is, looking back at that early model, if I said that the infant insert was easy to use I would be a little way off the truth!

However, fast forward a little way and the new Ergobaby Adapt Carrier addresses the problem with a simple, very quick and easy to use adjust system. Using two velcro tabs on the bottom you simply adjust the width to fit your child and secure using poppers. The straps are thick and well padded, plus there’s now a pad for the bottom strap which fits the small of the back really well and ads a bit more comfort.

I think it’s also worth a mention that the strap length on this model is generous, my husband is 6ft 4 and we had tried several brands of carrier, none of which comfortably fitted. With the Ergo we can quickly change between my husband carrying our very sturdy 21 month old rucksack style to me carrying our newest one week old edition as a very comfortable front carry.

The original Ergo was comfortable and easy to use; the updates that have been made to this model have made it an even more useful and practical carrier.