Stonar’s academic flyers from Year 9 and 10 joined nine of our NACE partner schools at Agora Sant Cugat in Barcelona to compete in the annual NACE Academic Olympics.

Pupils were split into teams with International counterparts to compete in a series of challenges with an emphasis on teamwork and problem solving. Icebreaker activities from the beginning had students interacting and finding common ground. The series of challenges included science, learning Catalan and multi-lingual spelling bees.

Pupils all enthusiastically embraced this opportunity to step out of their comfort zones to make friends with people from different backgrounds.

The social side added a fantastic dimension to the trip; as well as enjoying time with host families, girls also had the opportunity to see the sights of Barcelona. It was great to see friendships developing over the week as pupils enjoyed the lighter side of school life, joining in with games and fun in the playground. A great week!