Children at Kingswood Prep School in Bath recently enjoyed a multi-cultural learning experience with their customary celebration of International Day. The day, which co-incided with Red Nose Day, saw children and staff arriving at school dressed as someone from another country while also sporting the customary red nose!

Throughout the day, which included a special visit the Mayor of Bath, Councillor Paul Crossley, Mayoress and Councillor Alan Hale, the school held 14 workshops run by parents, visitors, friends and staff on the theme of ‘Health and Happiness’ which is the unifying idea behind this year’s International Day. The children learnt about aid work in Rwanda, conflict and resolution, healthy eating, comedy humour, looked at humanitarian work through story-telling as well as every member of the Pre-Prep taking part in a Ghanaian drumming workshop.

Philip Dixon, Deputy Headteacher of Kingswood Prep School and organiser of Kingswood’s International Day, said, “This is a very popular annual event which is now in its 13th year and offers a really exciting experience for young children. The aim of the occasion is to help promote respect and tolerance in our children of other countries, races, religions and cultures by giving them an insight into, and understanding of, other parts of the world. We not only celebrate our differences but also examine what people from around the world have in common.”