Pam the Penguin sleep trainer

Local mum Laura reviews a new sleep trainer designed to help make bedtimes fun

When the Zazu Pam the Penguin sleep trainer arrived on our doorstep, I wondered how we could incorporate her into our bedtime routine to make things run a little more smoothly.

I soon discovered that Pam the Penguin is much more than just a sleep trainer and nightlight. From the moment we plugged her in, my 21 month old daughter was immediately excited to hold her and touch her colour changing tummy!

A lovely tactile design, Pam the Penguin is very simple to use. She comes with a rechargeable battery and a little charging base. There are a few buttons on Pam’s base where you can easily change the glowing colours and set a timer. It also allows you to select a colour to indicate to your child when it is OK to wake up. The colours are not too bright and just the right level for a calming, comforting night light. My little girl loves the changing colour option best.

For us, one of the most wonderful features of Pam the Penguin is that she is also a Bluetooth speaker so we can play all our favourite songs through her.
You might say that your smart phone could do the same job but I think the fact that Pam is playing the tunes makes it especially fun to a toddler!
Zazu also offer a wide selection of fabulous Spotify playlists to access that are full of lullabies, stories, heartbeat and nature sounds and white noise.

Pam the Penguin has not only welcomed many more smiles to our bedtime routine but she has enhanced all sorts of other activities. She is a great distraction at the sometimes tricky toothbrushing time and makes getting dressed full of dance moves, laughter and silliness. And we love a bit of silliness!