Pupils at St Philip’s School Bath recently enjoyed a wellbeing day designed to cover the government’s five recognised areas of well-being: connect, be active, take notice, learn and give.

“St Philip’s recognises that children’s mental health and wellbeing are hugely important to their growth, development and learning within the challenges of today’s world,” explained Deputy Head Mrs Jo Coppens. “This resulted in the scool inviting colleagues and specialists to join us for the day to lead a diverse range of sessions with children, staff and parents.”

The specialists involved in the day included
– Kieran McCarthy from Bighter Futures, who led parent workshops on an Introduction to Thrive and calming techniques.
– Ali Menzies, the school’s school nurse, who led a parent workshop on Healthy Eating and Sugar.
– Kay Skinner from Get Sported, who led children’s workshops on identity, pilates and sports release.
– Lucy Aston who led a children’s session on breathing, stretching, poise and balance.
– Margaret Joyce from St Philip’s and St James’ Church and David Joyce from Bath Youth For Christ who led children’s workshops on reflection and thankfulness.
– Susannah Phillips, a resident artist and Thrive trainee, who led children’s art enrichment sessions throughout the day.
– Colleagues from Combe Down Primary School who led children’s workshops on calming, breathing and reflective stories.
– Matt Analts, sports Mentor and Coach already working in school, who led workshops on physical activity and nutrition.

“The day was overwhelmingly positive for all involved and will hopefully be the first of many,” added Mrs Coppens.

Ruby from Year 2, commented, “I enjoyed the whole day, I enjoyed every activity I took part in. It was lots of fun doing jungle adventure, I enjoyed being a lion. The day made me feel happy, very happy”.

Lucy from Year 5 said, “My favourite activity was decorating the mirrors because I thought it helped us to look down deep and find out who we really are. The day made me feel tired but also refreshed me.”

Halle from Year 5 said, “My favourite activity was doing boot camp because it was fun and good exercise. I felt healthy and happy.”

Todd from Year 4 said, “I like reflection because I like doing art. I felt tired because I had fun doing lots of different activities. The day was super fun.”I’ve att