Pupils at Churchfields The Village School finished the school term with not one, but two summer theatrical productions, making good use of its new amphitheatre which was funded by the Bath Theatre Royal.

Churchfields, which has two bases in Wiltshire, at Monkton Farleigh and Atworth, put on a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, as well as an original play, 6 go on an Adventure.

The school received a grant of £10,000 in 2016 from the Bath Theatre Royal Creative Fund to provide a unique ampitheatre on the school grounds at Monkton Farleigh. An original play was created by Petra Schofield for the school pupils to perform at the ampitheatre, called 6 go on an Adventure, which featured music and lyrics by Myra Barretto. The play is a time travel adventure that spans two world wars and is set in Monkton Farleigh, which has a history of supplying munitions in World War II, making it particularly relevant to the village’s history.

In the same month, the KS2 Performing Arts Club at the school put on a performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats at Melksham Oak. The afterschool club, run by Zoe Manifold and Louise Connelly, had been rehearsing in after school hours since September to learn lyrics, dance moves and cat poses. The show was a spectacular showcase with gymnastics, solos, duets and complex choreography.

“The feedback from the people who saw these productions was that they were entertaining, impressive but also moving, which is high praise indeed,” said Simon Futcher, Head Teacher at Churchfields. “For those that put the shows together, the parents and the pupils involved, there was a real sense of pride in what’s been achieved. The highest levels of dedication and commitment ensured these shows were a real success as well as a statement about what is possible in the arts, at primary level.”

Helen Forsyth, Chair of Governors at Churchfields, added, “What really stands out about what Churchfields achieved this summer with the two productions, was the school’s level of ambition. Everyone involved deserves to be congratulated. We are also happy to be making the most of having the amphitheatre, as this is something unique to the school. It has a backdrop of the Wiltshire countryside that instantly gives any performer the best background you could wish for.”