A new story and sensory baby class is coming to Bath from 4 October. Adventure Babies, which will take place at Odd Down Community Centre, offers what is described as ‘A reading adventure where babies and toddlers explore through fun activities that positively stimulate all of their senses. Each week transport your baby to another world. Award winning themed adventures begin with an interactive storytelling session and are followed by exciting sensory activities including messy play.’

The sessions will be run by Emma Bennett, who explained, “I am so excited about meeting the babies and parents who come to my classes. I am naturally a very smiley person and love to have fun, so my priority is to ensure everyone has fun at our sensory adventures in a very relaxed and nurturing environment. The babies will get so much from the sessions and develop a natural love of books, whilst the grown-ups will also have fun, meet other parents and won’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards!”

The four week introductory course will run from 10.15-11am for 0-12month olds, 11/15am-12pm for eight month olds and 12/15-1pm for 18 month olds.