Calling all knitters – the Royal United Hospital in Bath is asking for help to provide around 5,000 tiny bobble hats a year for newborn babies at the RUH Bath Birthing Centre.

The hospital is introducing a traffic light, colour-coded system of green, amber and red bobble hats to help ensure that babies receive the correct level of care they need.

Rachel Coleman, Practice Development Sister, explained, “Babies will still receive the traditional midwifery care, but this is an extra visual aid. A green bobble means your baby is term, warm and feeding well. Amber indicates a baby needs a little more help with feeding and keeping warm. Red indicates a baby will have regular observations by a nurse or midwife, for example if you are diabetic.”

Sarah Godwin, Practice Development Sister at the RUH’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (N ICU) added, “The ultimate aim is to reduce admissions from the Birthing Centre to NICU. We want to avoid separation of mums and babies, which can greatly enhance their ability to bond and to breast feed.”

The tiny hats must be plain white with a red, amber or green pom-pom, and sized between 34-38cms. They can be sent to the Bath Birthing Centre or to Mary Ward at the Bath RUH.