Children aged up to 15 and their parents and carers have rated the Royal United Hospitals Bath
NHS Foundation Trust as better that the majority of Trusts across a range of measures. The findings are included in the Care Quality Commission 2016 Children and Young People’s
Inpatient and Day Case survey, which involved 132 acute and specialist NHS trusts across

The Trust scored better than average in ten areas of the survey, and in no area was it rated as
performing worse than the majority of other Trusts. The survey looks at areas including going into and leaving hospital, the ward environment, the attitude of staff and operations and procedures.

The Trust is recognised for providing a friendly and welcoming environment for patients and their families, where they are treated with respect and dignity. Results show that staff are found to be friendly and approachable, engaging and informative.

Questions where the RUH was rated as performing better than the majority of other Trusts
included: ‘Did staff play with your child at all while they were in hospital?’; ‘Were you able to ask staff any questions you had about your child’s care?’; and ‘Did you have confidence and trust in the members of staff treating your child?’

Bernie Marden, Head of the RUH Women and Children’s Division, said, “These are very
encouraging results and an endorsement of the continuing care and professionalism of our staff
towards our young patients and families. It is also pleasing to see that children and caregivers
value the play and activities we provide at the RUH. We know the positive impact that play and
distraction can have on a child’s experience, helping children cope with pain and fear while they are in hospital. We will examine the information from the survey and identify any areas where we can further improve the services we provide.”

The Trust was rated better than average for:
 Play – children saying staff played with them
 Play – parents/carers saying staff played with their child
 Children saying staff spoke to them about their care
 Children saying staff answered their questions
 Parents/carers saying staff introduced themselves
 Parents/carers saying they were able to ask staff questions
 Parents/carers saying they involved in their child’s care and treatment
 Parents/carers saying they were given information about their child’s care and treatment
 Parents/carers saying they had confidence and trust in staff
 Parents/carers saying staff distracted their child during an operation or procedure.