Plae Thandi Lunar Blue boots
from £75

We are so impressed! Our seven year old has thrown everything at his new Thandi Lunar Blue boots from Plae and they have been superb throughout.

Over the last couple of weeks these high-performance neoprene and waterproof boots have dealt with downpours, the stickiest of sticky mud, snow and ice, and they have come through with valour, while Joe’s toes have remained dry and warm.

The practical benefits of these boots are that they look great for Joe, and they really deliver too when it comes to performance. Being flexible and warm means that while Joe keeps his grip on any number of slippery surfaces, he’s also good and comfortable in the process. The impressive traction also means that even when running up muddy hills, he is able to keep on his feet, ready for the intentional slide back to the bottom, complete with mud flying everywhere and a great grin on his face.

Then once the boots need a really good clean, we just chucked them in the washing machine on a quick, cold rinse, and they came out looking great again!

As a family with three children who all like nothing more than the challenge of a muddy field of a day exploring in the woods, we been through any number of boots in an effort to keep them warm, dry and not slipping over. These boots from Plae are just about the best of lot!