Anna Barclay and her family enjoy a visit to the We The Curious ice rink in Bristol

It turns out that Christmas isn’t quite over yet. The We The Curious (formerly At-Bristol) Ice Rink in Bristol’s Millennium Square is still offering festive fun for families until 16 January. What a great chance for some real family fun right in the heart of Bristol.

Whilst putting on the boots, the initial fear factor crept in, the over protective parental neurosis questioning of, “Why are we voluntarily putting our precious babies on the ice again?” These thoughts were blasted away when I watched the kids enthusiastically push out onto the fresh clean ice and just go for it! I had no choice but to do the same and within minutes I had found my old skating legs, which was a relief, and I was loving it! The music was pumping out which kept us all moving and we were all having a great time.

The kids took brilliantly to the ice with double blades on their feet and fun aids disguised as penguins making it super safe. It was a joy for me to watch them gain in confidence over the hour and by the end of the session, with penguins left at the side, there were attempts of mega jumps, 360 twizzles and backwards skating.

The diverse skills displayed on the ice from the semi professionals flying past were also great to watch, mixed in with the toddlers on banana-shaped aids with parents diligently pushing (and, I bet, secretly glad of the extra support themselves!). What is not to love about relaxing on a banana whilst speeding round on ice? It was a brilliant way for the younger ones to enjoy the excitement, thrill and fun of skating whilst leaving the aerobic workout for their parents.

The rink is positioned right by the giant, silver-mirrored planetarium dome which created a spectacle in itself. It was wonderful to look up at the reflections of everyone gliding along. I was brave enough to lift my head up from my feet to see the Winter fayre in the square with lights twinkling and a general buzz and warmth about the place. The giant screen positioned above us was showing old black and white movie footage of people skating, all of which added to the good atmosphere.

So thank you We The Curious for a thoroughly lovely festive time and day out to remember – we will defiantly be back again!

For more details and to book a ticket, click here.