The halls and corridors of Oldfield School in Bath echoed recently with the screams of students (and teachers) as part of an exciting National Harry Potter event organised by Bloomsbury Books to celebrate the novels of JK Rowling.

The fun started with a very serious ‘Sorting Ceremony’, where pupils were put in their Houses, headed up by Oldfield Heads of House masquerading as their more famous counterparts, and with 6th formers as head students. The pupils then embarked on a treacherous hunt for magical creatures around the corridors of the school.

Unfortunately, the task was not as simple as it first appeared, with Dementors laying in wait, swooping on the students and freezing them to the spot. The games continued in the main hall, with attack and defence duels and a Hogsmeade to Hogwarts challenge.

The evening finished up with a Hogwarts Award Ceremony and a huge Wizard Banquet in the library, complete with deathly hallow biscuits and a very enticing Harry Potter cake. The winning house was Slytherin, with prizes awarded for best dressed student and most enthusiastic student.

“Well done to everyone involved, it was a huge success and the students clearly loved the evening,” commented Headteacher Mr Mackay. Librarian, Mrs Pearce, added, “The children really had a fantastic evening – many of them said to me how brilliant it was and were even asking about next year!

Thanks to Jonathan Pearce Photography for recording the event for us.