Have you noticed decorated rocks popping up around the centre of Bath as well as the countryside around? They’re all the result of a Facebook group, BathRocks, formed by Bath resident Chelsea Buchan, and which has gradually increased since late 2017 to include parents, children, grandparents, teens, adults without children, childminders and their mindees, nurseries and pre-schools, guides, scouts, primary and secondary schools.

“This really is a fully inclusive pastime for anyone, you don’t even have to be artistic to join in,” explained local mum Amira Somers. “All you have to do is find a rock, decorate it and hide it. Then share photos of the rocks you have designed on the BathRocks Facebook group, along with clues as to where they have been hidden, so that anyone else in the group can try to find them.

“We loved this group from the start. My children absolutely adore designing their own rocks to hide in the community and are elated when someone finds their rock and posts a photo online. I’ve even seen children as young as 12 months old painting and hiding rocks, with their parents eagerly waiting for their child’s rock to be found.”

Amira added that the activity is a great way to encourage children to play outside and visit new place in their search for hidden rocks.

“Every painted rock is unique and special, with some players even using them to spread inspirational messages, including support for the fight against cancer and LGBT rights, as well as seasonal messages which in the past have focused on Easter and Ramadan. There are plenty of ideas online such as on Pinterest – the idea is to spread a little happiness in the community and make people smile.”

To find out more about BathRocks, visit the Facebook group here.