Summer arrived at Chandag Infants School in Keynsham last week as the children took part in an arts week with the theme of carnivals.

The week started in style with a visit from Jemma, a samba drumming group who carried out a series of workshops with each class.

During the week, the children were mixed up across year groups and enjoyed a variety of activities, including capoeira, a Brazilian martial and that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, as well as necklace and pan-pipe making, and creating their own carnival outfits.

Head teacher, Mrs Smart, joined in the fun by leading Samba dance lessons, while the children also made carnival headdresses and musical shakers, with the help of parent volunteers, with the creative energies culminating in a bright and energetic Chandag Carnival on the Friday morning. The whole school came out to the playground wearing their headdresses and with their shakers to parade to Samba music. It was a fantastic end to a fun filled week.

Not only did the children enjoy a great range of of activities, but they also learned about a famous artist each day including Andy Goldsworthy, Salnidov Dali and Banksy.