Kimberley Delius from Bath home-organising company Lumen Domus offers her top tips on decluttering a child’s bedroom in preparation for the new school year in September

Many of my clients are always surprised at how quickly the school year passes and how favourite toys, games, books and clothing steadily accumulate (and also go out of favour). And a lot of these can be quite large and cumbersome. Eventually they’ll have to sort through them and find a spot for the ones that are to be kept which can prove quite a challenge!

It doesn’t have to be a chore though. Here are my tips to make it an enjoyable process for everyone.

It’s a perfect time to try on clothes during the summer break – go through the wardrobe – find those that are beyond cleaning or mending and bag up for the recycling centre. Any that are clean and still in good condition but possibly no longer fit, give to family, friends or charity.

This is also a great time to go out and get plenty of socks & underwear. I would recommend that for each child you have a basket with all of their school uniforms kept separate from every-day wear so that you can see easily what may be missing and needs cleaning.

Some parents are able to make the decisions for their child especially when they are younger but in my experience children are often very receptive to having an occasional purge and being a part of the decision making process.

Getting them to think about how long it was since they played with a certain toy can really tease out whether it is still worth keeping. Many children like the idea that their unwanted toys might be enjoyed by someone else and can make them feel good giving to others.

I would recommend that you invest in sturdy boxes and shelves to help them keep everything tidy. A clutter-free room (as much as possible) has been proven to aid a good night’s sleep and will help kids focus on their homework!

School supplies
Try and keep a store of stationery – pens, pencils, markers, tape, glue, staplers, scissors and everything else always in one place. Also keep a back-up of essentials that only you have access to in times of desperate need!

Consider colour-coding folders and containers so that finding coursework is always easy e.g. Green for Biology, yellow for History, blue for Geography…

For the parents
I find you can never have enough containers, to keep things in their place. Knowing where something is saves ages of wasted time looking for stuff.

Using laundry baskets, and getting kids to use them too, keeps the endless stream of dirty clothes under control. This could also be the time to think about clearing out the garage, attic or garden while the children are away with friends or the grandparents.

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Have a wonderful summer!