An evening of comic excellence from an unlikely double act

What a fantastic show! Two mohicaned Japanese mime artists might not sound that enticing, but Gamarjobat at the Komedia Bath last night was one of the best evening of comedy excellence that we’ve seen in years.

The we, by the way, was me and my 11 year old son, with a promise from the promoters that the act was completely family friendly. And yes, it was, although at times it pushed the boundaries just a little…

Gamarjobat are Ketch (red mohican) and HIRO-PON (yellow mohican), who first came over to the UK over a decade ago with their word-free physical humour that cleverly matches traditional mime with Tommy Cooper style magic, crowd participation and just loads of fun. Right from the start, the talent is clear, with a great skit as the duo try to move a briefcase stuck fast in midair.

No, the idea’s not original, but the skill of the performers and the way they include the audience in their shenanigans is a joy to watch.

And do the show progresses, with never a word uttered, instead it’s all noises and whistles to bring both their act and the audience to life.

Sword swallowing, human robots, a very silly game of hide and seek and a whole lot more follow, as well as the most hilarious performance of the Simon and Garfunkel folk classic Scarborough Fair that you will ever see.

Throughout the audience were loving, with children and grown ups invited on stage throughout, and whooping and clapping for more.

Absolute credit has to go to the Komedia Bath for providing a stage for this innovative talent, while also giving my son and me a truly memorable evening out.