Nicola Harvey and her seven year old try out these new kits aimed at children four to eight years old

We love building, making and design in our house, and are not short of materials or ideas. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have a kit with everything included, down to the tape and glue, from a reliable source and with the knowledge that it’s going to be fun and not too complicated. Yippee Adventures kits are just that. The company is based in Keynsham and run by Claire, who clearly knows just what is needed by children in the four to eight age range.

Rebecca, seven, was so excited to receive a big box of goodies addressed to her and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. We had the Superheroes box delivered and it certainly saved a rainy, miserable afternoon.

Rebecca started with the superheroes mask and cuffs. Younger children might have needed help, but Rebecca could just get on with these and was delighted with what she created with the sturdy, high quality mask and cuffs, together with the stickers and glitter glue. There’s also a shield which Rebecca decided to save for another day.

The mask and cuffs were fun and would certainly lead to some excellent role play. The next activity, still great fun, had great educational content too. Rebecca made, again independently, a car with wheels and a sail. The instructions were clear, the making wasn’t fiddly and she was very pleased, as the youngest of three, to be able to do it by herself. Sitting watching with a cup of tea, I felt just the same!

Next up, Rebecca experimented with the magnet stuck to the car and the magnet wand that came with the kit, learning about north and south poles and how they attract or repel. Rebecca is a self proclaimed scientist and loved this.

Unlike many kits we have had, Rebecca spent so long enjoying the making and learning, that we didn’t have time that afternoon to move on to the magnet painting. It looks fabulous fun and, once again, Yippee adventures have worked hard to make sure everything needed is provided.

The superhero kit is only one of several different kits produced by Yippee Adventures and we have also got the Camping set to enjoy another day. Again, everything needed is in the box and there is creative and scientific content. Throughout the materials in the kit are high quality.

Throughout the materials in the kit are high quality.

I feel confident that, like the Superheroes box, Rebecca will be able to work pretty much unaided and will learn lots about shadows and light from making shadow puppets. I might even be allowed to join in toasting make believe marshmallows around her very own (pretend indoor) campfire!

Yippee Adventures produce a whole range of kits covering subjects such as adventurers, magical unicorns, mermaids, gardening and pirates. The next one for us is the scrapbook kit, including a scrapbook to fill with drawings, photos, tickets and other mementoes, as well as a wall chart with stickers so that Rebecca will able to record her adventures.

Some are more adventurous than others (the safari is something to aim for one day!) but there are plenty of simple, wholesome experiences on the chart, such as playing Pooh sticks and climbing a really big hill. Rebecca will love this record of her childhood – it’s so easy to forget some of the things we’ve done when life is so busy.

What a lovely treasure trove of accessible ideas! You can find Yippee Adventures products on Etsy by clicking here.