An academy community in Trowbridge is celebrating today after school inspectors, Ofsted, praised its leadership and management, which is having a positive effect on the quality of teaching.

Oasis Academy Longmeadow is no longer ‘Inadequate’ after inspectors were impressed by what they saw during a visit last month. In a very positive report, Ofsted found the Academy’s leadership and management to be ‘Good’, as was the children’s personal development, behaviour and welfare.

Other highlights included
– Pupil’s behaviour is good. Pupils are kind and considerate to others. They exhibit positive attitudes to learning.
– Pupils are well known and supported by staff. Pupils feel a sense of belonging and are able to thrive in school.
– Staff are highly enthusiastic, committed and developing their expertise rapidly. They are working to ensure the best for pupils because they care about the work they do.
– The large majority of parents feel that pupils are well taught, make good progress and that the school is well led.

Inspectors credited the transformation to the learning environment that Principal, Helen Adams, and her leadership team has created. ‘As a team, leaders have worked hard, and successfully, to establish a calm culture of learning within the school. They have raised expectations of all in the school community and are improving the quality of teaching.’

Overall the academy ‘Requires Improvement’ as the significant improvements in teaching and learning have not yet had long enough to drive up every pupil’s attainment. Ofsted did note, however, that ‘…leaders are clear about the academy’s strengths and the areas that still require improvement. They have worked with diligence and tenacity to move the school forward and make rapid improvements.’

School inspectors found that behaviour is now a strength of the school. Consistent reminders from staff of the academy’s expectations means that pupils behave well. Moreover, leaders foster a warm, welcoming and accepting school culture, and as a result pupils learn to respect others and embrace inclusivity.
The children explained to inspectors that they feel safe while at school because they are well supported by staff and share positive relationships with them.

Helen Adams, Principal of Oasis Academy Longmeadow, commented on the report, saying, “We are very grateful to Ofsted for this report, which is an accurate reflection of where we are as an academy. We have made excellent progress, and we know what we have to do to continue our journey of improvement.

“It is a privilege to be the leader of this academy and our team. Since I became Principal, the pupils, staff and parents have been steadfast in their support for the changes we have introduced and have worked together to help improve the quality of education for our children.

“We know that there is still progress to be made, however we have the plans in place to continue on our positive trajectory and become an exceptional school.”

Julia Dauban, Regional Director for South West Primaries at Oasis Community Learning, added, “This report is a credit to Helen and her team at Oasis Academy Longmeadow – each day they are sustainably improving the teaching and learning at the school.

“Our staff are so committed to ensuring that their pupils make the exceptional progress that they are capable of, and under Helen’s leadership the future for Oasis Academy Longmeadow is very bright.”