A report from Bath and North East Somerset Council states that almost nine out of ten families in Bath and North East Somerset have been offered a place at their preferred choice of secondary school for admissions this September.

BANES Council received 1,799 applications for secondary school places for admission into the 2019/2020 academic year. Of those, states the report, 88%, 1,582 children have been allocated a place in their highest preferred school. In 2018, the number of children offered their first place was 81%.

Figures show 122 pupils have been offered their second preference, 33 pupils their third preference, eight pupils have received an offer of their fourth preference school and four pupils their fifth, meaning 97.2% received one of their overall preferences.

50 pupils have not been offered a place at any of their preferences and have instead been offered a place at their next nearest school with a place available, this is known as a referral.

All Bath &North East Somerset pupils who made an on-time application have been offered a place.

Applications were also received from other local authority residents of which 432 pupils received an offer of their first preference, 59 pupils were offered their second preference and 19 pupils were offered their third preference.

Two further places were offered to other LA residents as referrals at a school with places available and which is their catchment area school.