T5 smarTrike scooter

Local mum Finola and daughter Tess try out the new T5 scooter from smarTrike

When our five year old, Tess, set eyes on the brand new, Original SmarTrike scooter intended for her three year old sister she protested that it should be hers – who wouldn’t! – after all she’s the one with the commute to school! “Look it’s even got a T on it!” she shouted as she took possession, abandoning her old scooter to her sister!

This new range of scooters features three unique models suitable for little ones from as young as 15 months – 3 years. With Poppy just at the older end of the scale, we’d chosen the T5 model for ages three years plus. The other models in the range are the T1 for 15 months plus and the T3 for three years plus.

Initially it was the slick glossy look of the T5 SmarTrike with its shiny curves and jazzy colours that seduced our determined daughter, but once she test rode it to school that was it, no going back. Her little sister would have to wait, thanks to the telescopic handle bar that extends for the bigger riders – this was to be hers first! “It’s super cool Mum, and goes faster than my old one.” I noticed that she ‘parked’ the SmarTrike in an extra protected spot at school, in contrast to the usual dump and run with her previous scooter!

The T lock system provides 2 settings: a fixed handle bar position for beginners and also a flexible steering setting for more advanced users. Having two front wheels is ideal for young riders while they learn to balance and its back-foot break is easy to use and effective, (which all parents are glad of when it comes to close calls with other pedestrians!)
The only magic it doesn’t quite stretch to is to carry itself up hills…(so a parent is not quite redundant yet!) Magical in all other ways though!