Congratulations to Lauren and Daisy, two pupils from Bathford Primary School, who were the co-winners of the recent Year 6 Inter-School Maths Challenge held at Monkton Combe Prep School. The other winners were Owen Goodman and Alex Richard from Monkton Combe School (pictured below). Two other Bathford pupils, Elly and Phoebe, were the runners-up. The event was attended by 17 schools from across the region, all of whom enjoyed a fun afternoon of maths challenges and sprints, as the pairs of children raced to the markers who checked their work.

“Children at Bathford Primary School – girls and boys – enjoy maths and they have been working hard at becoming even more amazing problem solvers,” explained Bathford’s Headteacher Karen Sykes. “This was the first time children from our school took part in any Maths Challenge and they had so much fun that we have now signed up to take part in the Year 4 and 5 maths challenges taking place next year.”