Mowgli the man cub and all of his friends came to Calne when a touring theatre company brought the classic Jungle Book story to life.
Image Musical Theatre has been a regular visitor to St Margaret’s Preparatory School and always delights both pupils and staff.

On this occasion the actors carried out workshops for the children and this was followed by the production with some pupils chosen to play smaller parts. Pupils from 3 to 11 watched a fun-packed performance with their teachers.

Headmistress Karen Cordon said, “Image Musical Theatre are amazing and always inspire the children. They have visited us before and the children have been treated to productions such as Stig of the Dump and Tom’s Midnight Garden.”

A spokesman for the theatre group said, “We are the only children’s theatre company that allows the whole audience to rehearse and take part in the show, as well as providing opportunities for some children to act alongside the professionals. Our shows offer much more than just a visually stimulating piece of theatre and can be used as a useful tool for teachers to help children improve their literacy, listening and speaking skills. We are often told that our shows encourage even the most reluctant of readers to pick up a book.”