Oldfield Park Preschool in Bath is now offering free weekly Outdoor Adventure sessions. The sessions are run by local forest school enthusiast Jon Parsonage of Outdoor Adventures and sees the children working in small groups with Jon and another member of pre-school staff for all or part of the morning (depending on the activities that we are doing). Sessions take place whatever the weather, with the children playing games, building dens, looking at the seasonal changes and wildlife in the garden and at least once a term enjoying a campfire complete with marshmallows and popcorn.

The activities are child led and allow the children to learn about managing risk in a safe and stimulating environment. Craft activities will often involve supervised and supported hand tool use and the children get to take their creations home to share with their families. This helps the children to develop resilience, self-confidence, independence, creativity, self-esteem and social skills.

To find out more about these sessions, contact the team at Oldfield Park Preschool at www.oldfieldparkpreschool.org.uk