Nicola Harvey enjoys a ‘deliciously relaxing’ treatment at Radiance Wellbeing in Bath

And relax! It’s not often that a drizzly, cold Monday morning becomes a haven of calm and tranquility for me, but after dropping three children off at school, that’s exactly what happened today.

I arrived at Radiance Wellbeing in New Bond Street Place, Bath to be greeted by Chantelle, my therapist for the morning. After a relaxing and unhurried cup of tea, I was taken to the deliciously relaxing space of the Balenium Suite. Beautifully decorated, this was a cut above other treatment rooms I’d visited, complete with comfy chairs and the facilities to make hot drinks or, for an extra charge, a thoroughly indulgent glass of bubbly! There’s even room in here for double therapy sessions!

On my next visit, I’d love to experience a soak in the roll top bath in my treatment room. Apparently it’s used for organic oil and Himalayan mineral soaks – so tempting!

Chantelle and I discussed my general health and requirements, including her describing what my treatment from the Grounded Collection would include. In fact, it had already been explained to me that one of the main aims of Radiance Wellbeing is to tailor each of the treatments to the requirements of the client, and had I wished to change elements of my 90 minute treatment package, I could very easily have done so. Asked to make my choice from a selection of 100% natural and hand-made blends from The Oil Hut, a Somerset-based partner of Radiance, with relaxation being the aim of my treatment, I went for a blend of essential oils in a base of almond oil especially designed for this purpose. There is a range of products on sale in the shop upstairs should you want to continue the spa experience at home.

And that was the extent of the thinking I had to do for the next hour and a half. What followed was heavenly and I apologise now if I’m hazy on the details – you see, by the end I was very, very relaxed! I do, however, recall lying under thick soft towels and a warm blanket while Chantelle gently but firmly started to iron out the knots in my muscles. Working steadily over my neck, back, shoulders, legs and arms too, Chantelle is clearly an experienced and intuitive professional, perfectly balancing the need for light and firm pressure to create the best result, while checking regularly throughout that I was happy with how things progressed. And yes, I was happy, very happy…

After my full body massage, it was time for Chantelle’s focus to turn to my scalp and face. This, again, was blissful, although do be aware that your while you feel wonderful, your hair may well require a little remodelling before you’re ready to face the outside world again!

As the treatment came to an end, I was left to get ready in my own time and enjoy some water and another cup of tea. Indeed, it’s this wonderfully calm approach to the beginnings and ends of the sessions that really sets Radiance apart from other treatment I’ve experienced. There’s nothing worse that being totally, heavily relaxed, to the point of being nearly asleep and then having to throw clothes on and be out, and that was certainly not the case here.

Will I be back to Radiance Wellbeing. YES! This was a wonderfully indulgent start to a busy day and I couldn’t recommend it more. Everything about Radiance Wellbeing, from the range of treatments to the care shown by the team and even the amazing Alex Lucas murals on the walls, add to the hugely enjoyable experience. Did somebody ask about Mother’s Day presents…