Frog AW16 Puddle Buster Collection
Puddle Buster Coat £36
Puddle Buster Trousers £24
Puddle Buster Wellington Boots £24

Tazmin and her son Olly try out this new range of waterproof clothes

My four year old son, Olly, was very excited with his new water proof outfit from Frugi. Olly loves playing outside and especially enjoys splashing in puddles and venturing through woods. When we pulled the bright red and navy jacket form the packet with grinning sharks all over it, you can imagine how excited he was. The fleece lining makes it soft and more like a normal jacket rather than a ‘rain coat’ and he eagerly zipped it up over the navy waterproof trousers which are also very flexible and easy to put on.

The hood is elasticated but not in an annoying ‘can’t see out’ way. His hood stayed up for the duration of his time outside. Best of all, in his eyes, were the matching wellies! The shark wellies are made to a high standard, while also light yet sturdy and easy to put on. The coat is not stiff or bulky but more substantial than a typical rain mac. It will fold easily to pop in a bag too.

Once he was fully attired, sponge in hand, it was time to wash the car in the rain! The elasticated wrists on the coat meant that the water didn’t run back up him arms. The pull over elastic at the bottom of his trousers went over his boots, allowing him to jump in the puddles in between washes. The result? Not a single moan about being cold or wet! The high-viz strips on the arms and legs will be brilliant when we’re still out and about at dusk too.

The true quality of the clothing rang clear when Olly came back inside. We took it all off and his clothes underneath were completely dry.

Olly and I are really impressed by this Frugi outfit – comfortable, fun, environmentally friendly, practical and reasonably priced. We can highly recommend them. They also come with the design of umbrellas which my daughter has her eye on!