Beccy Tarling and her daughter enjoy the latest production to visit this family friendly theatre

We really loved this show – it was funny, energetic and unique. From the minute you walk into the theatre, you can tell this show is going to be different; the normal rows of seats are gone and instead you sit in small groups level with the stage, allowing the actors to wander amongst the audience throughout the show. making jokes and involving everyone in the story as they go.

It’s an unusual premise: a devastating blizzard rages across the land and has done for over 40 years, forcing people to live in an underground bunker to avoid the hostile snow and wind and huge, malevolent snowmen who roam freely. In order to survive, the community has to work together, taking shifts generating electricity by pedaling ‘energy bikes’ or pumping air through the complex.

We meet Sprout, Skerrit and Mulligan in Bunk Room C where all they want to do is bring a bit of light relief to the lives of the community members once a month by putting on a cabaret show. But the bunker is ruled by The Mayor, a mystery voice who issues commands via a tannoy system and who would rather people were working than having fun. Through a series of adventures, all very cleverly realised using light, shadow and music, they strive to make a better life for themselves.

It’s funny right from the start, for both children and adults alike, and everyone was already chuckling as the three actors that make up the whole cast launched into a couple of rousing songs to start everything off, picking up different instruments as they went. My six-year-old sat captivated as Sprout sang her heart out whilst switching seamlessly between clarinet and violin. And because of the way the seating was arranged, we felt right in the middle of the action, with the actors skillfully moving around the theatre and encouraging audience participation and interaction. By the end of it we were singing and clapping along with abandon, having enjoyed every minute of the whirlwind adventure we’d been on.

The egg theatre is particularly well suited to this type of theatre, flexible and intimate, and we came out happy and smiling with all three children having sat engrossed for two hours (there’s a 15 minute interval to allow for the inevitable need for the toilet part way through). If you are looking for something to do this half term, I would highly recommend this show.

Beneath the Blizzard is running at the egg theatre from 10 – 14th February 2017

More information and tickets here