Nic Warner enjoy a Saturday morning family film treat at Bath’s best independent cinema, The Litte Theatre

My fidgety, raucous sons are not brilliant at being kept in one place, let alone sitting still for over an hour. Their lack of volume control, high energy levels and yet extreme dislike of scenes of even mild peril has always struck me as an excellent reason to steer clear of the cinema. However, with the eldest nearly six years old, I was beginning to feel guilty that just because I was self-conscious about their behaviour they weren’t being given the chance to try a great childhood experience. So, biting the bullet, we set off to The Little Theatre Cinema in Bath one Saturday morning to see how they’d fare.

Frankly, with an eight month-old baby (whose lunchtime would fall smack in the middle of the film) thrown in for good measure I didn’t think we would last long at all.

Of course I should know by now that children are entirely unpredictable. I was duly proven completely and utterly wrong, we all had a wonderful time and were the last to leave. The Little Theatre Saturday Kids’ Club is a delight. Everything about The Little Theatre Cinema feels like an adventure, with its tucked away location in St Michael’s Place, charming old-fashioned facade, narrow stairs and small screens it is the antithesis of an over-whelming multiplex experience.

Warm and welcoming staff immediately made the children feel at ease. There were activities linked to the film beforehand, an overflowing dressing up box for budding actors to make use of, and free tea and coffee for weary parents to enjoy.

With the film showing – our visit had Inside Out but you can check ahead on the cinema’s website for its range of newish and classic films – the relaxed atmosphere allowed for shrieks of delight, booming requests for more popcorn and as much ducking in and out for loo breaks or soothing babies as needed. The boys luxuriated in their grown-up cinema seats, dipping their hands into perfectly sized children’s portions of popcorn that you can buy in the cinema’s small but well stocked kiosk. A lot of the film went over our three-year old’s head but he still enjoyed himself and the eldest was thrilled by the whole experience.

It is easy to see why there are Kids Club regulars. With tickets at an incredibly affordable £2, it is well worth a try (even if you have children noisier than mine). I for one am positively looking forward to our next cinematic outing without even a hint of anxiety.