The sun came out and shone on Bathford Primary School’s annual Easter celebration, Relive Easter. With the help of numerous parents, children prepared for the afternoon all week, making newspaper palms, learning songs and actions and practising parts.

Children from across the school took on the varying roles, with the younger ones being the onlookers who welcome Jesus to Jerusalem. The role of Jesus was superbly acted out by Bath University postgraduate Alastair Marsh, who also does youth work with Bath Abbey.

Year 5 boys played Jesus’ disciples and Year 5 girls were Mary and her friends who visit the tomb, while Year 6 were roving reporters or Romans. As the school welcomed Jesus and his followers, Year 3 accompanied the singing with their ukuleles. During the re-enactment of the Last Supper, bread was broken and shared with the whole school.

Reception and Year 1 finished the Easter story by singing Easter Jubilation and performing a circle dance. To finish the afternoon off, parents came into classes with Easter biscuits, which children then decorated.