Pupils from Combe Down Primary School today buried a time capsule on the site of the new community hub, primary school and nursery at Mulberry Park, Bath.

The time capsule was buried as part of a celebration to mark the start of construction at the £10M building by Curo and Rydon. It will remain buried for at least 50 years and will give future generations a glimpse into life in 2017.

Children were invited to suggest items for the time capsule that represented life in Bath in 2017. Their suggestions included:

· A Bath Rugby ball
· A book by popular children’s author Liz Pichon
· Pokemon trading cards
· Shopkins toys
· A CD of music from 2017
· A tourist map of Bath
· An old and new £1 coin

The suggestion that caused the most amusement among the children came from William, aged 7, who proposed including a picture of US President Donald Trump, adding “It was just the first thing that came into my head,” The picture was included alongside architect’s plans for the new buildings and pictures created by the children.

Commissioned by Curo and designed by internationally renowned architects BDP, the community hub will sit at the heart of the Mulberry Park development fronting onto a new public square, within easy reach for residents of Combe Down and Foxhill.

Gerraint Oakley, Managing Director of Curo Homes said: “We’re delighted to mark the start of construction at the community hub, underlining Curo’s ongoing investment in the local area. It’s been wonderful to welcome the children from Combe Down Primary School to the site, along with local residents who have helped us to shape the plans for these iconic buildings.”

Designed as a beacon for the local community, the new community hub will include a café, meeting rooms, multifunctional spaces and an enterprise area with lettable space for a range of businesses. The hub, primary school and 70-place children’s nursery will open at Mulberry Park in September 2018.