The Paragon’s two Reception classes have enjoyed hatching their own chicks!

Each classroom had created a special, quiet area equipped with an incubator, a nursery cage with a heat lamp to house the chicks once they had hatched and a variety of different eggs. Within hours of the eggs being placed in the classrooms, cracks started to appear in some of the eggs. Over the next three days, both classes welcomed nine chicks each and, after a democratic process, the chicks were named Strawberry, Henry, Rosie, Chicky, Kung Foo Chick, Tiger, Hulk, Indominus Chick, Sam, Poppy, Pippa and the Twins!

All the children were fascinated to watch the eggs move, the shells start to crack and the chicks emerge. They learnt how to care for the chicks and how to handle them carefully. This real-life learning complemented their discussions on the lifecycle of a chicken and other animals and their recent trip to the farm.

Among the children, Jonty, aged 5, said, “I like the chick with the feathery legs,” while Dilys, also aged 5, added, “The chick feels all warm and fluffy.”

It really was a wonderful experience and one which the children will treasure for a long time.