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Local mum of two Briony tries the Go Splash Swim Vest with her two year old daughter

Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest
£17.99 (currently over the summer for £13.49)

My husband and I are keen swimmers and we wanted our daughter to be confident in the water. We have taken her swimming since she was 4 months old and she loves it. We now have a fiercely independent two year old who is determined to do everything herself! We tried armbands and were told in no uncertain terms that she didn’t like them. Fortunately, the Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest, which is available is a variety of designs, has proved to be the solution, much to our relief.

Unlike armbands, the swim vest doesn’t restrict the arm movements. Unlike a life jacket, which is cumbersome to swim in, the swim vest is designed to allow the user to swim on their front with enough float to keep their face out of the water, while also allowing her to rotate face down if she slips.

We chose a size 2-4 for our daughter as she is quite tall, which means there is definitely space to grow, plus the arm holes are not too big meaning the swim vest doesn’t ride up too high and get in the way.

What’s more, the Go Splash Swim Vest is very well made and I am sure that by the time our girl is swimming properly, it will still be going strong!