The Better team at swimming pool at Culverhay Leisure Centre is encouraging more families to ditch TV and gaming in favour of swim sessions.

Culverhay Leisure Centre’s weekly pool timetable includes a number of family-friendly swim sessions – designed to make more people more active more often. The Swim for All and Family Fun sessions encourage families to enjoy the health, social and recreational benefits of swimming – allowing parents and children to become fitter, whilst enjoying quality time together away from the screen.

The level of physical inactivity in the UK is well documented. Studies by the British Heart Foundation indicate that around 90% of 2-4 year olds, 80% of 5-15 year olds and 39% of adults fail to meet national recommendations for daily exercise.

Furthermore, in a 2017 OnePoll survey, almost 9 in 10 people agreed gadgets get in the way of spending quality family time together, with families only spending 36 minutes together on an average weekday.

Emma Lewis, Senior Aquatics Manager at Better, said, “Family activities can often be difficult to co-ordinate, with busy households juggling schedules as well as varying hobbies and interests.

“Swim for All and Family Fun sessions at Culverhay Leisure Centre are ideal for people of all ages and abilities to break from more sedentary activities such as television and gaming to enjoy the water and have fun in the company of their loved ones.

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