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Bath on Ice is back and it’s bigger – and better – than ever!

Our yearly trip to the Bath on Ice skating rink in Victoria Park, Bath, has become something of a very eagerly anticipated family tradition. And each year, as I gingerly make my way around the rink, desperately trying to put into play the advice offered – lean forward, bend your knees, relax – my wife and children shoot past with impossible skill and poise, laughing, spinning and sliding, and making me wonder how on earth they achieve such skills.

Bath On Ice is quite simply one of the highlights of the Christmas season in Bath, and this year it’s better than ever, with a rink that’s 50% than in previous years, a much improved eating area for that apres skating food and drink, and the ever popular Glow In The Dark Mini Gold alongside for even more family fun.

We booked in for a 4.45 slot, meaning that we could give the children a quick snack after school before heading off for the fun. With our skates quickly sorted and bags stored away in the lockers provided, we were soon on the ice, with my wife and two eldest zooming off, and me, slow and nervy, pushing our youngest around on one of the plastic seals provided for younger non-skaters. Saying that, a year of rollerskating soon showed its benefits, with Joe quickly decided to desert Dad and take to his own skates, picking up the basic technique in a way that youngsters can and we oldies can only look on with envy and admiration.

Our early-ish slot delivered the benefit of a not-too busy rink, allowing the slows skaters like me plenty of space to build up our confidence, while the speedier participants made the most of the available room to zoom, swish and pick themselves up. As always, there are friendly staff on-hand, both off the ice and on, for advice and to make sure nobody gets hurt.

For the non-skaters, you can watch the action from the sides, with a warm drink to keep you company.

With our hour over, we handed the skates back, picked up out bags and ordered a hot drink and pizza from the food area inside. Then while the food was freshly prepared, we snuggled under the super soft blankets provided and, inspired by the festive feel of the experience, chatted about presents and feasts that we’d look forward to on the big day.

A really big well done has to go to the team at Bath On Ice. Each year they come up with ways to make the experience better and each year they succeed. Add in excited children, friendly staff and a great setting, and it soon becomes an event that you too will want to add to your yuletide traditions.