Oldfield School in Bath has been partnering up with Newbridge Junior School to run dance workshops with its Year 3 classes.

Pupils from the primary school has been walking up to Oldfield every week this term, to learn from one of Oldfield School’s dance teachers, Sarah Macnaughton. The Newbridge children have had the opportunity to use the dance studio at Oldfield and have built up a great routine, based on their Aztec project in school. Their dance lessons have seen them turn into explorers who travel back in time to visit the Aztecs, exploring temples and creating their own interpretations of the dance moves. The children have worked incredibly hard and shown their brilliant performing skills.

“I’ve really enjoyed working alongside all the children and staff from Newbridge and am looking forward to seeing their final performance at their school next term,” commented Sarah.

“Thank you to Mrs Macnaughton for working with us,” added Miss Amies from Newbridge Junior School. “The children have really enjoyed coming to the Oldfield dance studio and are so excited about the routines they have learnt.”