New families at the Royal United Hospital’s antenatal and postnatal Mary Ward are being asked to give feedback about their care in a rather unconventional way – by graffiti.

A new ‘graffiti board’ has been put up in the ward’s day room at the Bath hospital, encouraging women and their families to share their thoughts and experiences or give suggestions about their maternity care. Early comments that have been posted include:

 Fantastic experience – midwives have been amazing
 100/10 Thank you for taking such good care of my partner and daughter
 Care from the midwives is second to none

Midwife and Investigation and Family Feedback Co-ordinator, Rachel Pass, said, “We already
gather family feedback in a variety of ways – questionnaires, attending community groups and
emails – but this is another and more informal and immediate way for people to jot down their
passing thoughts.

“We welcome all feedback on what has worked for families and ways that we can improve care.
We’ve already listened to new mums who told us their partners had nowhere to freshen up if they’d stayed overnight on the ward – so we’ve made shower facilities available for them.

“We’re encouraging women and their families arriving on the ward to use the board and share their thoughts. The graffiti board will be updated weekly, then all the information will be gathered and reviewed for us to see how we can further improve the services we offer and the family’s experience with us.”

Photo l-r: Maternity staff Rachel Horan, Molly Hawkyard and Rachel Pass, and new parents
Elizabeth and Steve Hargett