St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Bath has held a Clean Air Day, including parents and children being encouraged to join a walking bus on the way to school. The school, parent volunteers and Bath & North East Somerset Council have worked together to plan the safest, cleanest and most enjoyable route.

The walking bus is an ideal opportunity for families to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of driving. The initiative is designed to show ways to reduce the amount of traffic, congestion, parking issues, improve road safety for pupils and other road users, as well as air pollution outside the school and surrounding area whilst getting some exercise at the same time!

Sue East, Head Teacher at St Andrew’s, explained, “Walking, cycling or scooting brings a sense of joy and independence. It’s a great way for children to start their day, helping them be ready to learn, awake and alert, with better focus and concentration.”

Delia Mazanotti-Burns, a parent of children at the school, added, “We currently walk to school, but we are trialling this new route away from the main roads – it can only be a positive thing if it gets all of us walking more.”

Jen Lorrimar-Shanks, also a parent of children at the school, said, “Socially, it’s great because the children meet other children along the way. My children have formed some good friendships from walking to school and I’m keen to encourage other families to join in.”

The Clean Air Day is part of work to improve air quality in Bath, Saltford & Keynsham where Bath & North East Somerset Council has declared air quality management areas. It is planned that the walking bus will roll it out to other schools in B&NES.