Rock Band Workshops are coming to the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford from 27 February. Aimed at children 10-18 years old, these workshops are an opportunity for young people who play an instrument to come together, learn to play as a group and work towards performances.

Music instructor, Jack Jennings (pictured), explained, “Groups will attend weekly rehearsals where they will learn songs together and develop them into a set list. Every step of the rehearsal is guided by an experienced band leader/tutor, meaning that everyone will have a clear sense of what they need to do and how to work together as a band. We can accommodate for various levels of ability within the groups, as each song will have easier or more difficult parts that we can mold to suit the members of the group.”

Jack added that the group will work towards small performances that would typically occur at the end of term or just before a half term break. “Theses performances are very rewarding for the students and it gives them such a boost. There is something about playing live that really helps you to ‘up your game’ as every performing musician will tell you.”

“The main instruments we cater for are guitar, bass guitar and drums. Students can also attend as singers or playing other instruments.”

“In my experience, playing in a band is one of the best experiences you can have. Whether you are doing it professionally or just for fun, it’s unlike anything else when you all get down to playing and the music just takes everyone to a special place. In terms of learning to play an instrument, there’s nothing better than doing it with others. I’ve seen students move forward in leaps and bounds in the band environment.

“I remember one student telling me the workshops were the highlight of his week. This meant a lot to me as he was a 17-year old in Bristol and could have chosen a whole range of things to do with himself, but to him this band was so important and he loved every minute of it.”

Sessions start 27th of February, last for five weeks and costs £75. For more details, visit