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A Wellbeing Week at St Saviour’s Junior School in Bath has been a big hit with pupils, parents and staff. The week was designed to boost the mental and physical health of children, staff and parents. Normal lessons at St Saviour’s Junior School in Larkhall were laid aside for the whole week as children were immersed in a programme of activities aimed at teaching them how to look after themselves, both mentally and physically.

Activities during the week included yoga, mindfulness sessions, healthy eating workshops and a number of outdoor play and learning sessions (OPAL). Other events included a Parenting Workshop and an e-safety workshop from local firm Safe in Your Hands headed by St Saviour’s parent Sue Wheeler.

Children were united in their enthusiasm for the special week at St Saviour’s Junior School.
One Year 3 child commented, “Wellbeing Week has helped me to understand how to have fun and learn in different ways.”

A Year Six child added, “I have really enjoyed OPAL coming to our school. It feels like a whole new exciting world on both our playgrounds.”

Yoga sessions for staff were also organised and all staff were invited to take part in a ballot to win tickets donated to the school by Thermae Bath Spa in recognition of the school’s efforts to promote relaxation and of the staff’s hard work all year round.

Head Joe Beamont explained that he believed it was crucial to involve the whole school community in ways to tackle childhood anxiety and mental health concerns. “Concerns about children’s mental health are in the news more and more. As a junior school, we have a very strong reputation for pastoral care and we believe that discussing these issues is the best way to tackle anxiety and to avert future problems.”

“Education is not only about how well children perform academically but also about how happy our children are. Happy children learn well and if you get that right when they are still at junior level, there is a good chance they will have the foundations to build on – it is as simple as that. We also recognise that staff and parents require support and need to know how to support children when they need it so this is a whole school approach.”

“The week was an outstanding success and really helped to bring us all together as a community. OPAL will be an all-round project for us and we also hope to make Wellbeing Week a regular event.”