Pupils from Hayfield Girls’ School in Bath celebrated World Book Day by dressing as their chosen inspirational literary heroines from classics such as Jo March (Little Women) and Anne of Green Gables and more modern protagonists such as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) and Tris Prior (Divergent Series).

Students and staff enthusiastically celebrated not only a love of reading and sharing stories but also the qualities that made these heroines inspirational. The theme was also chosen because it marks 100 years since women got the vote.

Miss Claire Woolger, Teacher of English and Languages and Accelerated Reader Co-ordinator explained, “The aim of our inspirational literary heroine and heroes World Book Day was not only to promote an important love of reading and sharing a good story, but also to get students inspired by literary role models. Ultimately, we wanted to help the girls recognise that the best and most memorable stories are where people have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, demonstrating inspiring personality traits and, as a result, they have achieved amazing things.

“The theme additionally coincides with Hayesfield’s new House names, based upon inspirational women – Parks, Austen, Earhart and Sharman – representing moral courage, self-confidence, resilience and limitless aspirations respectively, whilst celebrating 100 years since women started to get the vote.

“We are tremendously proud of our students and the way in which they embraced the day and the theme (immediately showing resilience in tackling the inclement weather and coming, undeterred, in costume all the same). They got involved in sharing their favourite inspirational books and characters with real enthusiasm and there was a general buzz that made this World Book Day incredibly special and memorable for all involved.”