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Parents and children around the Bath area are being invited to join the Orchestra of Everything, a community orchestra for all ages and abilities that is based in Widcombe.

“Anyone can join,” explained orchestra member and founder, Jon Gore, “and while it’s mainly parents at the moment, we have an 11 year old, a couple of 14/15 year olds and in the past we have had 7 year olds and grandparents joining in our rehearsals. You don’t have to be a particular standard, just willing to come along, play what you can and enjoy yourself for a few hours. We arrange most of our own music and tailor it to our musicians.”

Jon added that when he set the orchestra up last year, he had no real idea what to expect. In fact, the response was excellent and has been growing ever since. “I’d have to say that our unique selling point is our relaxed attitude – there’s no pressure, people make whatever rehearsals and gigs they can, and there appears to be a growing army of younger children and parents playing out in the school playground and popping in to listen during our rehearsals.”

For many members, it’s this relaxed attitude, along with a friendly social scene among the members which see them enjoying evenings out together, with a camping trip planned for later in the summer. “We’ve also set up a school band at Widcombe Junior School, which we run weekly, and during the summer the children’s and parents’ bands will be putting on several joint performances and going busking in town,” explained Jon. “As we expand around Bath, I’d love for us to help with bands in other schools. There’s so much creativity and talent in this city just waiting to be tapped into!”

Rehearsals take place on the second Saturday of each month (12 May, 9 June…) from 10-12.30/1.00 at Widcombe Junior School hall. When it comes to upcoming performances, you can catch the orchestra at the following venues –

Fri 18 May – Party in the City – 6pm at Parade Gardens and 8pm at Widcombe Social Club
Sat 9 June – Widcombe Junior/Infant school fair
Sun 1 July – Widcombe street party
Sat 14 July – Busking in Southgate shopping centre
Fri 20 July – Widcombe Acorns (pre-school) fundraiser

For more details, you can contact the Orchestra of Everything on email hidden; JavaScript is required, follow them on Twitter at @OrchestraOE and visit their new website at