Virgin Care in Bath and North East Somerset is seeking parents who would like to work in its new in-house ‘bank’ team and benefit from flexible working and managing their childcare commitments or caring for a dependent relative.

Many of Virgin Care’s employees, including community nurses, health care assistants, physiotherapists and specialist community clinicians, have already chosen to work in Virgin Care’s community setting, rather than an acute hospital setting, as this allows parents and carers to work around their existing family commitments.

Virgin Care has now launched a new bank service, which allows for even more flexibility, meaning workers in the bank pool do not have to commit to working a set number of hours or days, and can choose when they do or don’t work. This is particularly attractive to parents and carers who may not want to work during the school holidays, or those who want to be able to work around other events on the school calendar.

Some bank employees can work the equivalent of full time hours and others just pick up the odd ad-hoc shift as when they are available; and because the hourly rate incorporates holiday entitlement, bank people are not disadvantaged financially. And with a number of sites across Bath and North East Somerset, there are plenty of options available.

Alison Tucker, Deputy Director of Operations at Virgin Care, explained, “The variety of work and the mixed environment is hugely appealing for the majority of our bank employees. The lack of restrictions also means that bank employees are free to work for other organisations alongside Virgin Care. We really actively encourage parents and carers to work on our bank team. Our own in house bank team also has the added benefit of saving the NHS money as we don’t have to pay expensive agency fees.”

If this sounds like something which would suit you, and you’d like to talk to someone who can tell you more, than please call Virgin Care on 01225 838283 or go to