Swim Central has launched a new series of swimming lessons for babies and toddlers, with a free trial lesson available to all new customers. The lessons take place on Wednesdays at Roundhill Primary School in Bath, with the under-2s at 10am and the 2-4 year olds at 10.30 and 11am.

“Our Swimtots swimming lessons are suitable for children aged 0-3 years and pre-schoolers, especially if they are nervous,” explained Swim Central’s Kelly Deakin. “It’s a parent and child class and we all have a giggle in the warm, cosy pool! We obviously welcome guardians, grandparents, aunts & uncles, friends etc…we just want happy confident children spending time in the water!”

Kelly added that while the lessons are “fairly structured” and keep similar aged children together, they also encourage the swimmers to take it at their own pace and mood on the day. “No one can tell a toddler what to do, we just build the trust and the water confidence comes with it,” she explained.

Bath mum, Rachel Hallman, added, “My son Eddie attended swimming lessons with Swimcentral at Roundhill Primary school. Eddie had very little water confidence at the start of the course, and the teacher Beckie approached him with gentle encouragement, using lots of toys as props to appeal to Eddie allowing him to relax and enjoy the water. By the end of the course Eddie was kicking his legs and pushing off from the side independently with confidence. What a great introduction to swimming lessons! Highly recommended.”

Booking is essential for the new lessons so please visit the Swim Central website at www.swimcentral.org.uk