The Paragon Science Day brought a day of great fun, curiosity, exploration and excellent learning to the pupils at this popular Bath prep school this week.

The day started with an assembly by Mr Anderson, one of the Science Teachers from the Paragon’s senior school, Prior Park College. Among the amazing things he demonstrated were how to make blackcurrant squash change colour, turning bubbles into fire, setting Mr Guest’s £10 note alight and encouraging Mrs James to have a go on the Van de Graaf generator, much to everyone’s amusement!

The Science Day continued with a variety of interactive experiences covering many aspects of the subject. Chemistry, engineering, gardening, photography, flight and fossils all featured as the children all took part in a range of tasks. This included Year 6 pupils setting to work on preparing and delivering their own scientific demonstrations for children in Reception to Year 2. It was an amazing display of independence, teamwork and scientific skill by all involved and the Pre-Prep children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the engaging and informative activities that the Year 6 boys and girls provided.

To finish the day, Mr Millar demonstrated how to use just water, a bike valve, a pump and a cork to launch a bottle rocket in to the air, allowing it to fly right across the school lawn!

It was a great day of hands-on science, with practical activities to reinforce scientific concepts – a sure-fire way to engage and provoke enquiry. It also showed what science at The Paragon is all about; fun, child-led exploration with meaningful scientific outcomes relating to our real world.