Ian Waller and his family enjoy an absolutely top class piece of theatre

How to tell the story of the race to the moon to a theatre full of schoolchildren, with just an hour to spare and a stage littered with junk to help out?

Don’t worry, as a family we realised long ago that if it’s a production at the egg theatre Bath, odds on it’s going to be fantastic. One Small Step is no exception – in fact, it’s possibly the best production yet, and that really is saying something!

From the start the audience – both children and the teachers and grown-ups along for the ride – were loving it. The incredibly talented cast of two take on any number of roles as they tell the story of the race between the evil Russians and the heroic Americans to put a man into orbit and ultimately on to the moon itself.

This is children’s theatre at its best – in fact, cross that ‘children’s’ bit out, this is theatre at its best. Imaginative, entertaining, funny and yes, even educational, it includes villains, heroes, politicians, reporters and of course the brave astronauts themselves who risked – and indeed sacrificed so much – to fulfil their countries’ dreams.

This is children’s theatre at its best – in fact, cross that ‘children’s’ bit out, this is theatre at its best

Along the way you’ll meet Presidents JFK, Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, be introduced to the Mercury Seven astronauts, along with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins, and listen to reports of Walter Cronkite as the action takes place in front of your very eyes. You’ll also see cardboard boxes become space suits, see how a beach ball is transformed into Sputnik and discover how the first American in space was actually the size of a Lego figure!

Within no time we’re being whisked through all of the major successes and tragedies that shaped the space race, all told with such skill and humour that you can’t take your eyes off the action.

For us, we were lucky that our seven year old just happens to be studying the space race at school and therefore the timing of this production couldn’t be better. In fact, One Small Step is such a treat, that I recommend it wholeheartedly. This is top class theatre, an absolute treat and will take you to the stars and back.

For tickets for the performances on Saturday 9 June Saturday 11.30am & 3pm, call 01225 823409 or visit www.theatreroyal.org.uk