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by Gabriella Adams, Chandag Junior School pupil

On the 25th of June, a litter pick took place in Wellsway field. Around 35 children from Chandag Junior School took part in this eco-event.

It all started off from my simple idea to do a small gathering of rubbish in Chandag Junior School. As it happens, there actually isn’t much rubbish in the school grounds. On realising this, it had to be moved to the Wellsway field which, as you may be aware, is awfully strewn with rubbish. This was a pressing matter as every time we went down to the field there would be large masses of litter scattered in the corners and tucked away in bushes. Something needed to be done about it!

The three organisers – Constance-Rose Lupton, Matilda Robinson and Gabriella Adams (me) -created sign-up sheets and pinned them around the school. We had an amazing response – around one hundred people! With regret, due to limited litter picking equipment, we had to cut the volunteers from other year groups leaving only year 5.

Finally it was the big day. The litter pickers and bin bags were handed out, and all of us volunteers headed to the field. It was very hot and extremely sunny. When the time came to start everyone ran off in all directions. My partner, Olivia Hemmings, and I scoured the edge for a while then headed over to a nearby bush. That bush! You would not believe what we found in there: crisp packets, bottles, all the usual litter but then we also found half a chair and something that looked like the frame of a swing with hair brushes on it! It was absolutely ridiculous! In the end we were told to come out of the bush.

It was astounding to see what people had carelessly dumped but we were proud of the difference we had made to the community and all in all it was a successful litter pick.